Week 1 Picks

20 weeks to go, bet wisely.

20 weeks to go, bet wisely.

Week 1 Picks

It’s the first week of the season, I might be better off picking winners out of a hat.

Hamilton @ Toronto: Thursday, June 23 (7:30pm EDT)

Pick: Toronto
I don’t know if I’ll pick Hamilton while Collaros sits on the sidelines injured.

Montreal @ Winnipeg: Friday, June 24, (8:30pm EDT)

Pick: Winnipeg
It used to be that every time Montreal went to Winnipeg they left with a win.  Not with Kevin Glenn, not anymore.

Ottawa @ Edmonton: Saturday, June 25, (7:00pm EDT)

Pick: Edmonton
I say take the home team in this one.  I’m not sure Ottawa has found it’s new offence yet.

Calgary @ BC: Saturday, June 25 (10:00pm EDT)

Pick: Calgary
This is the easiest pick of the week.

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    • A disgrace of epic proportions! Not only could I work for them but I’m so bad I could be fired and hired multiple times just like LaPo.

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