Week 2 Picks

Week 1 was a beerish colour of blur and what do you know week 2 is already here!

Bombers (0-1) @ Larks (1-0): Thu, July 4th, 7pm EST

Pick: Bombers
Who are coming off a bone headed loss to the Larks and looking for revenge. The Larks got somewhat lucky and are still reading the table of contents on the new playbook.

Argo-snots (1-0) @ BC Sucks (0-1) Thu, July 4th, 10pm EST

Pick: Argo-snots
Ricky Ray picked up right where he left off last season. One can argue BC Sucks did as well dropping it to the Stumps.

Stumps (1-0) @ Inbreds (1-0) Fri, July 5th, 9pm EST

Pick: Stumps
Looked very sharp with Drew Tate fully healed. Deadmonton made the Inbreds look too good.

Racists (0-1) @ Pussy Cats (0-1) Sun, July 7th, 5pm EST

Pick: Pussy Cats
No defence, no problem against the Racists. If Riley keeps playing like he did last week it won’t be long before Grandpa Joseph gets some snaps. Sympathy for Deadmonton I have not.

Last Week:

(2-2) See The Annual CFL Prognostication.  Boy was I wrong about Deadmonton…

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