Bombers Complete Triple Play, Remove The Goat’s Head

Just when you thought it was safe to go outside and buy beer the butcher’s block was covered in the blood of yet another traitor.


Severed from its body, Gary’s head transformed into its true likeness as soon as it hit the ground on Sunday.

Almost day old news by now but I had to say something about it.  The writing was on every wall at IGF when Marcel Bellefeuille was dropped into the city.  The mob demanded it and the new brass had no choice but to execute the Goat for yet another anemic performance at home on Friday.  Looks like one week was enough for Marcel to get to know his new players.

I applaud the move, the only thing I don’t like is that it wasn’t done at the end of last season.  It has taken seven games to accomplish the firing of the Axis of Evil (Mack, Buchko, Crowton) and we are now one season behind where we should be in the (continuous?) rebuild.  Progress is progress though isn’t it?

This week’s (more thorough and full of disgust) rant will be posted Wednesday or Thursday so stay tuned.  The circus is still in town, never a boring week in Bomberland!

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