Week 10 Picks

canadian-money-smallHow many quarterbacks went down last week?  All of them?  Seemed like it anyhow.  When that happens everyone’s picks get screwed.  They year of the backup continues this week.  LABOUR DAY WEEKEND IS HERE!

Hamilton (4-4) @ BC (5-3): Friday, August 30 (10:00pm EDT)

Pick: BC
Is Hamilton on the rise or just benefiting from the weakest schedule in the league?  Hank’s leading the league in passing again this year and not many people are mentioning it.  BC just doesn’t lose at home. They beat Calgary at home a couple of weeks ago and they’ll do the same thing here.  They’re not a great team but are finding ways to win (except last week).

Winnipeg (1-7) @ Saskatchewan (7-1): Sunday, September 1 (4:00pm EDT)

Pick: Saskatchewan
Two years ago these teams had reciprocal records.  The Bombers were heavily favoured to trounce the Riders and billboards were erected to inform the general public of the forthcoming beat down.  Fans of both teams remember how it all went down very well.  Saskatchewan took Labour Day AND the Banjo Bowl as they turned their season around.  Is it the Blue Bomber’s turn to upset and wight their sinking ship?  Haha, not a chance.  Last year the Bumblers lost this game 52-0 in the single most devastatingly embarrassing loss in the history of the franchise.  Mercy!

Edmonton (1-7) @ Calgary (6-2): Monday, September 2 (5:00pm EDT)

Pick: Calgary
Edmonton is going to upset someone sooner or later and I honestly wouldn’t at all be surprised if it was this week. Taking Calgary is the safe play here as they are a much more well rounded team.  This should be a good game to watch.

Montreal (3-5) @ Toronto (5-3): Tuesday, September 3 (1:00pm EDT)

Pick: Toronto
Remember the last time these two teams met a couple of weeks back?  I’m sure they do as well.  Toronto eviscerated Montreal in Montreal.  I’m not sure the Als have ever been brutalized that badly at home.  It won’t be as bad this week since Montreal seems to be getting their act together.  Ricky Ray’s status is uncertain but even with Zach Collaros Toronto shouldn’t have too much difficulty pulling this one off.

One thing I feel needs to be addressed is how the Argos are once again getting the short end of the stick at SkyDome.  A Tuesday game instead of Labour Day Monday?  Common man!  It’s supposed to be Cats vs Argos in Hamilton.  Disgraceful.  They’ll be lucky if 19,000 people show up.  The Argonauts need a new stadium badly.  Rogers really has it in for them.

Last Week

(2-2) Montreal should NOT have won last week.  I still can’t believe BC let them have it.  I also have no control over Ricky Ray doing his Buck Pierce impression.  I guess that’s what makes football exciting.


(18-14) A .563 percentage might be alright for baseball.

I dare you to do better.  Leave your picks below.

Also, this week’s rant should be up later today as long as no one catches me at work writing it.

5 thoughts on “Week 10 Picks

  1. The Labour Day Classic is Toronto @ Hamilton, not Hamilton @ Toronto. As I recall, they tried to have it in Guelph but the stadium was occupied with a university event or something, and they didn’t want to give Toronto the game at home because that’s not where the game is “supposed” to be on Labour Day… thus they decided not to play it at all and play it in Guelph on Thanksgiving.

    But either way you’re right, Rogers has it in for the Argos. They will be homeless in 2 years when the Jays put in natural grass. No way they will let the football guys tear it up when the Jays are “supposed” to be in a playoff hunt, and there will be nowhere for the Argos to play…. except Guelph.

    • Isn’t that what I said? “It’s supposed to be Cats vs Argos in Hamilton.” It makes way more sense to have them play against each other, even if it’s in Toronto, then to have different opponents.

      I’ve wanted to write a piece about the great Rogers conspiracy and how they are keeping their boot on the CFL’s throat in Southern Ontario, I just need the time.

      • O ya… well I guess I don’t pay THAT close attention to what you write. But anyway, that’s the reason they didn’t do it in Toronto this year.

  2. Hey there bluebastard, you’re like money in the bank although the first two picks were easy.

    any follow up on Jigsaw Kramer, gotta wonder where is he now?

    • I nailed last night too didn’t I? Edmonton came so close to pulling off an epic come from behind upset but Calgary held on.

      There was a rumour he was seen stalking a couple of the weaker NFL camps last week. It may have been the Bills or the Jets. Someone heard him say “fix quarterback” or something but he got spooked and is completely off the grid. I can’t find anything on him. If I get some time I’ll do a more in depth search and maybe get a follow up posted.

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