Week 13 Picks

fortune-tellerAnother backup QB gets his first start, this time in BC.  The year of the backup continues.  Also this week: the second flush of the Toilet Bowl!

Edmonton (2-9) @ Winnipeg (2-9): Friday, September 20 (8:00pm EDT)

Pick: Edmonton

No one is defending Winnipeg this week (except the Bombers coaching staff).  Maybe they come home and upset?  Probably they keep shitting the bed.  Expect the lowest attendance yet at IGF this Friday.  An Edmonton win and a Montreal loss makes the possibility of continuing the annual Western crossover very real.

Montreal (4-5) @ Hamilton (5-6): Saturday, September 21 (4:00pm EDT)

Pick: Hamilton

This could be the last Touchdown Atlantic for a while.  Available seats for the game total 16,000 down from 20,000 previously and they are far from sold out. Odd co-incidence given that Guelph has yet to sell out the 15,000 seat Alumni Stadium for a Cats game.  Perhaps the rest of the country just hates Hamilton. The Tabbies will get to .500 again easily unless Hank gets hurt.

Toronto (7-4) @ Calgary (9-2): Saturday, September 21 (7:30pm EDT)

Pick: Calgary

The new best in the West versus the best in the East.  Toronto demonstrated last week they are capable of upsetting while Calgary just keeps finding ways to win. I don’t know if this can be called a battle of the backups.  Can we call BLM a backup anymore?  It seems certain the Stamps will protect him from Ottawa and he’s looking more and more like he deserves to start ahead of the CFL’s newest glass quarterback (Tate). Early Grey Cup preview?

BC (7-4) @ Saskatchewan (8-3): Sunday, September 22 (4:30pm EDT)

Pick: Saskatchewan
BC’s on the road, dump ’em.  Oh, and they’re starting their backup.

Last Week

(2-2) The only team screwing me worse than Winnipeg is Edmonton.  Anyone who called Toronto beating Saskatchewan with their backup QB while on the road was flipping a coin.


(25-19) Maybe it’s time to bring the coin out myself.

I dare you to do better.  Leave your picks below.

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