SkyDump Sucks

Disclaimer: I accidentally reset the Blue Bastardette’s phone erasing its entire contents including all the good game pics. She is very upset about the game pics losing her digital life.  I make do with what my generous companions have provided.  Sorry Blue Bastardette.


Haha! Up yours day job!

Haha! Up yours day job!

5:20pm: Arrival at the Wheat Sheaf and rendezvous with the 416 Support Squadron!  If you are unaware check 416 out.

I couldn't get everyone in one shot but there was probably about 30 people there.

I couldn’t get everyone in one shot but there were probably about 30 true blue fans there.  Some were even from the homeland!

6:00pm: A great round of trivia complete with Bomber swag for the winners!  The Bombers were gracious enough to provide the giveaways.

6:15pm: Half price wings eaten, beer drank.

6:45pm: Depart Wheat Sheaf for SkyDump.

7:20pm: Seated.

7:30pm: Kick off.

Q1: Unlike Ron You-Can’t-Drink Joyce Stadium, SkyDump is fully licensed.  A great side effect of Torotonians not wanting to attend Argos games is that there is never a line at the beer pump.  The thing I don’t understand is why the already limited selection of Labatt products offered at Jays’ games is paired down even further.  You may have Bud or you may have Corona.  I’m sure Bud Light was there somewhere but my eyes see it the same as water.

Q2: Seats are nice up and close to the good guys.


These three must have purchased on field passes from the scalpers for peanuts.  Scalpers wouldn’t even give me a dollar for my extra ticket.

Half Time: Is Mike Duffy returning to journalism?  Nope, it’s just Gary Lawless, though from the side they sure look alike.

Mike Duffy's new job as a CFL commentator.

Gary was fork lifted in just before the half.  I’ve seen that other guy before but I have no idea what his name is.  What’s funny is that he wears that suit with sneakers.  I understand that, they’re not shown on TV but then why bother with the pants?!

Q3: The most impressive fan club of the night:

Mike O'Shea's fan club.  I'm guessing there were somewhere between 15-20 of them.  They were wearing appropriate colours as well.  This picture doesn't do it justice.

Mike O’Shea’s fan club. I’m guessing there were somewhere between 15-20 of them. They were wearing appropriate colours as well. This picture doesn’t do it justice.  Of course O’Shea has deep connections in Toronto.

Found the Lirim Hajrullahu fan club again and he is represented just as well as last game in Hamilton.

The good picture I took is lost in the digital ether so here's the next best.

The good picture the Blue Basdardette took is lost to the digital ether.  Too bad because I got his dad in there too this time.

Q4: The league’s typically terrible refs are putting on another horrible show.  I can see no penalty on that wiped out TD.  Getting jobbed by the ref again only his name isn’t Adre Proulx.  I don’t think there’s going to be a big Drew Willy come back this week either.  Ugh.  Haven’t won here in years is feels like.


Four days rest… of course they were going to be gasping for air in 4th quarter.  The weren’t even afforded a full practice.  Why was last year’s shittiest team forced to travel and play a game on four days after their previous?  Why wasn’t it Calgary or the Green Riders?  There was a lot of complaining on the very sparse Argos coverage in the Toronto media about how unfair it was for the Argos to have to play on five days rest.  At least they got to play two games at home.  The exact same thing happened to the Argos this past Sunday.  They were annihilated in the 4th quarter by a neanderthal named Kevin Glenn.

Only one more Bomber regular season game for me this year.  Ottawa in October and that’s a game they should win.


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  1. The Blue Bastardette forgives you for annihilating years of digital life and irreplaceable photos, karma took care of wiping your photos too. Now we’ve learned our lesson and back that shit up.

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